Welcome to the IFPS Coast-to-Coast Blog!

We are avid supporters of Intensive Family Preservation Services (IFPS) with one of us (Peg Marckworth) on the west coast in Seattle and one (Moneefah D. Jackson) on the east coast in New Jersey. And, we’re hoping to reach everyone in between!

We are starting this blog in order to:

  1. Increase visibility of IFPS, one of the most effective yet relatively unknown interventions to strengthen families and keep children safe at home. It will be easy to email, post, or tweet content from the blog and we hope that you will do so in order to spread the word about IFPS!
  2. Increase knowledge of IFPS. We want to share cutting-edge information that will strengthen IFPS programs.
  3. Share expertise. We want to provide the IFPS community (administrators, supervisors, therapists/counselors, and advocates) with a forum to share tips and resources.
  4. Extend the reach of IFPS. We want to create more awareness of IFPS and its value in order to build and expand IFPS programs. We also want more advocates!

Here’s some information about who we are:

Peg MarckworthPeg Marckworth is the principal of Marckworth Associates, which creates brands and marketing strategies for companies that set them apart from the competition and catch the attention of the right clients.

Peg worked extensively in Intensive Family Preservation Services, beginning in 1979 as a MSW student in the original Homebuilders ® program. She worked as a Homebuilders therapist, supervisor and program manager. Peg provided IFPS training through the Institute for Family Development (IFD) and was part of the team that developed the original standards and quality enhancement program for IFPS. She participated in joint research projects and teaching through IFD and the University of Washington School of Social Work. She worked as a consultant to the Department of Social and Health Services on the implementation and utilization of IFPS in Washington State. Peg spent ten years as a Washington State lobbyist.

Moneefah D. JacksonMoneefah D. Jackson has been an employee of The Bridge, Inc. since 2002, which is a private, non-profit community organization that has been assisting families in Essex County since 1971. The agency focuses on strengthening families and promoting the personal growth of children, adolescents, adults and seniors. Moneefah oversees two programs (Family Preservation Services and Step Down) in the State of New Jersey. Moneefah supervises a team of five counselors and her duties include accompanying them on visits, holding case conferences, conducting quality assurance reviews, and assisting with hiring and training. Some of Moneefah’s other interests include counseling in response to disasters and training professionals on sexual abuse.

The National Family Preservation Network and the Institute for Family Development are pleased to provide start-up assistance for the blog.

Please note that the blog will be moderated: all comments will be reviewed in advance. Our vision is to promote meaningful and productive conversations void of attacks on others who are commenting.


6 thoughts on “Welcome to the IFPS Coast-to-Coast Blog!

  1. Glad to see this is happening! I’m excited to hear more from the IFPS community across the country.

  2. This new blog is an impressively progressive and positive effort for the FPS staff in New Jersey. I have a very special affinity for FPS services ever since I began using their assitance on my cases 20 years ago. In NJ FPS is experiecing serious financial constraints due to statewide fiscal shortfalls. Unfortunately the low slaries create limited ability to maintain professional experienced and credentialed staff, often leaving ironically to the competition, DCF, the very agency that utilizes FPS services, because the slaries are significantly better. What efforts can the IFPS community suggest to enhance startegies to resolve this dilemma? Would a well written letter to the NJ DCF Commissioner detailing the concerns and signed by all FPS senior staff be an effective start?

    • Hi Gabe,

      Thank you for taking the time to share your positive feedback regarding the blog. Our goal is to cover the issue (i.e., salaries) in the near future and a survey is forthcoming.

  3. I’m sure IFPS will have much success in its venture into connecting to the IFPS community across the county via ocial media, which is the new wave of communication. May you have much success.

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