IFPS In a University Setting

Since the inception of IFPS 40 years ago, advocates have discussed how best to transmit the IFPS knowledge base into social work education.

In the early days of IFPS, the strategy in schools of social work was for students to develop a generalist practice base first and then move into an area of advanced specialization. Current practice allows for specialization earlier in the process.

The National Child Welfare Workforce Institute focuses on students who are preparing for a career in child welfare. From 2009–2013, 300 students received financial support to obtain a BSW or MSW. Many of them are or have been employed in the child welfare field as they work towards an advanced degree. A dozen universities partner with the National Child Welfare Workforce Institute to train students.

Universities offering a specialty in child welfare generally offer one session on family preservation or, at most, one course. Rutgers University has consistently set the academic standard for coursework through initial and ongoing training to IFPS students and therapists.

Click the link below to download a description of the six-day coursework offered to all new IFPS therapists:
(PDF, 135 Kb)

Posted by Priscilla Martens, Executive Director, National Family Preservation Network