A Blog’s Life: Our First Year

The IFPS Coast-to-Coast blog is celebrating its first anniversary! What do we have to celebrate?

A Coast-to-Coast Conversation that Is Dedicated to the Field of IFPS

There is no other forum with this sole focus. We believe that IFPS plays a critical role in the continuum of family and child-serving systems. We want to make sure that it continues to fulfill that role in the best way possible.

A Variety of Topics for Everyone Involved in IFPS

During the past year we have had posts on topics that appeal to practitioners, supervisors, administrators, researchers, evaluators, and just about everyone else who is involved in IFPS. If there is a topic of interest to you that has not yet been addressed, let us know!

A Milestone for IFPS

This year marks the 40th Anniversary of IFPS (Homebuilders® model). Throughout the year, we will be sharing tidbits of history along with the impact of IFPS.

Preserving the Past and Preparing for the Future

As part of the 40th Anniversary activities, the Institute for Family Development and the National Family Preservation Network will develop an IFPS Repository to store and share memorabilia, articles, publications, and other documents on IFPS. The Repository will preserve the past, enlighten the present, and serve as a foundation to educate future generations about IFPS.

What is the future of IFPS?

We think it’s bright but we know that it will only be achieved through hard work and commitment. We need to consider how we can all work together to create this bright future. How about this for our motto: “If your path is more difficult, it is because your calling is higher” (Unknown).

Your Turn

A blog is interactive so now it’s your turn. Here are some ways that you can actively participate:

  • Pass it along. See “How to Share a Post.” Anyone can follow the blog on Facebook, Twitter, or sign up to receive notification by e-mail.
  • Comment. See “How to Leave a Comment.”
  • E-mail us at blog@nfpn.org. We want to hear about your successes with IFPS and also your frustrations.
  • Write a post. Let us know that you’d like to contribute a post and we’ll provide the guidelines.
  • And let us know about anything else that would be of interest to the IFPS Community.

Posted by Peg Marckworth